Security Services

Winans Security Services can provide your company with a wide variety of services when it comes to protecting your business, your employees and your property.

Our Team Is Our Strength

Our partners have been meticulously selected and extensively trained. Their expertise ranges from basic security functions to crisis management and emergency response. As the area's business service leader, Winans is prepared to meet your unique security needs.


Minimizing Risk Is Essential In Today's Business Environment
Winans Security Division is the firm to assist your company in doing just that.

We Offer...


Uniformed and unarmed guard service in industrial site, parking garage, office facility and event settings. Our management of a safe and secure environment is underlined by a thorough training process. Our services meet both the needs of organizations and the requirements of the government. Whether it is guarding a warehouse, a production facility or financial institutions Winans Security Services is both capable and experienced to fulfill the need of security. We have the ability to design a program to meet your needs.


Prepared to Take Action
Through our partners, we provide the specialized experience and technologies required to prevent, detect, and respond before, during, and after a security crisis occurs.

Whether you are in need of services for your business, your employees or yourself, we are here to serve and protect you.