Quality Control Program

Winans is committed to quality

Centralized Complaint Processing

In order to serve our customers better, we are now providing a centralized system to resolve complaints, fulfill requests for additional services and expedite solutions to any other issues that are pertinent to you, our valued customer.
By having a single point of contact, our contention is that issues will be resolved more quickly.  Additionally, the corporate staff will be afforded an earlier opportunity to note trends of recurring problems, thereby benefiting our customers with more immediate corporate intervention in resolving situations.
This system is available to process customers' requests as noted below:
Most of our customers now have email capacity.  Email is our preferred reporting method in that it provides the tracking of problems via a paper record.  Furthermore, the written communication of email lessens the potential for verbal miscommunications.  The email address is marketing@winansservices.com.

Toll Free Calling
Toll free calling is an option that will generate comparable results that might be a more convenient method for some of our customers.  We have an "800" number to report issues that will generate the same results.  The number is (800) 759-4004, extension 118.  For your convenience, you may leave voicemail if the operator is away from her area or on another line.  If you are calling from the Parkersburg area, please call 485-4000, extension 118.