Left to right: Joe Winans, Jim Winans, Jr., Jim Winans III, Sam Winans, Dave Winans

Our People Make a Difference.

James F. Winans, Jr., founded Winans Services in 1959 in Parkersburg, West Virginia. What started as a small family business selling cleaning supplies is now a six-state corporation encompassing a much broader spectrum of services, and still holding firm to its small, family approach to business.

Our businesses now include Winans Services, Extras Support Staffing, Winans Sanitary Supply, Winans Restoration Services and Winans Security Services. The corporation’s staff has also grown to include four of his nine children and more than 800 associates. The Winans family also owns the Quincy Group that is dedicated to property development and management.

After many years in the business, we know what it takes to get the job done right – good people. Every Winans professional is thoroughly trained, supervised and evaluated to assure the best quality service possible to our customers. Winans is and will continue to remain completely focused on exceeding our customer’s expectations, and with hard work and loyalties from our associates this goal will be made possible every day.

Our small family business has grown immensely through the years. We also know that our success would not have been possible without the dedication and pride that our entire staff has devoted to our company. However, it is not enough to be grateful. We believe it is our obligation to give back to the communities that have made the Winans’ many milestones possible. Through efforts, time and money, we are committed to contributing to our communities’ social services, economic development, athletics, arts and educational programs. It’s important to us, because we know first-hand how people can make a difference.